The All-In Zero Plenary Meeting by month 6 is taking place in Graz (Austria)

The ALL-IN Zero Plenary Meeting is currently taking place in Graz, Austria, with the aim of developing a multi-fuel system to combat the challenges faced by the harder-to-abate sectors in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement. These sectors, including heavy-duty road transport and decentralised energy production, rely on fossil fuels for 94% of their energy needs, posing a significant obstacle to decarbonisation efforts. The ALL-IN Zero project aims to produce an intermediate temporary energy vector using a Compact Membrane Reactor, which will consume low, zero or carbon negative fuels and produce zero emissions. The technology will also implement energy recovery strategies and efficient Carbon Capture and Storage techniques to turn CO2 emissions into business opportunities. The project seeks to deploy an effective solution in the short-medium term while utilizing existing infrastructure for the transport, storage, and supply of liquid fuels.